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It covers:

Antiquity of the Parish - Its Etymology - Its Condition at the Time of the Conquest - Descent of the Manor - Sir Thomas Bond's House - The Bowyer Family - Bowyer Lane, now Wyndham Road - The Royal Flora Gardens - St. Giles's Church - The Burial - place of Mrs. Wesley, and of "Equality" Brown - Camden Chapel - St. George's Church - The Vestry Hall - Camberwell Green - Camberwell Fair - Abolition of the Fair, and the Green converted into a Park - The "Father Redcap" - The Old House on the Green - The Green Coat and National Schools - The Camberwell Free Grammar School - The Aged Pilgrims' Friend Asylum - Rural Character of Camberwell in the Last Century - Myatt's Farm - Cold Harbour Lane - Denmark Hill Grammar School - Grove Hill and Dr. Lettsom's Residence there - The Story of George Barnwell - Grove Hall - The "Fox-under-the-Hill" - Old Families of Camberwell - Tom Hood a Resident here - Camberwell Lunatic Asylum.


From: 'Camberwell', Old and New London: Volume 6 (1878), pp. 269-286.